Hi, I'm Josh! I own and operate Protocaster Guitars, a small brand of boutique electric guitars offering custom builds and makeover services out of Brooklyn, NYC. I specialize in recreating the look, feel, and sound of your favorite classics from the 50's and 60's. I see guitars as a perfect intersection of utility and beauty, a conduit through which we can express our musical passion, and also wonderfully functional sculpture. My job allows me to create these robust tools through a custom build, or reinvigorate your current guitar through a Makeover.
Protocaster Makeovers and Guitars are Available Exclusively through the friendly and knowledgeable Doug Myer at Mountain Cat Guitars. Doug has been an important player in the industry for decades, managing some of NYC's finest vintage guitar shops and has accrued a lifetime of hands on experience with the rarest and most desirable classics. With his player's perspective you'll be in excellent hands when ordering your Protocaster build or booking your Protocaster Makeover with Doug.                                                             
How are Protocaster Guitars built? Protocaster Guitars are best thought of as a handmade alley-oop. Canadian Luthier, Mike Potvin of Potvin Guitars, supplies me with bodies and necks in a half completed state whichs allows me the control to shape and hand carve each piece to completion. Once contoured, fretted, and inlaid it's off to the spray booth for a delicately thin, zero plasticizer lacquer finish that allows me to create the soft glow of a played-in patina found on each Protocaster guitar and each Protocaster makeover.